Maitreya Buddhist Centre

Morning Drop-In Meditation Class (GP) Bexhill (Tuesdays)

Teacher:  James Baskerville  (Resident Teacher of Maitreya KBC)
Venue:     Maitreya Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 13 Sea Road, Bexhill, TN40 1EE

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Time:       Tuesday’s 11am – 12.30pm
Dates:     (See below with course titles)
Fees:       £6 per class (20% discount for a course booked online and in advance)

About the courses

These weekly drop-in classes offer guided meditation and practical advice based on Buddhist philosophy on how to solve our daily problems. By training in Buddhist meditation we will learn to develop inner peace, which enables us to stay happy and positive through the challenges of modern life

Everyone is welcome. These classes run as courses throughout the year (see below for dates)  The class includes an opportunity to stay for refreshments and a chat at the end.

Our meditation classes can be attended on a drop-in basis and you do not need to book in advance. You are welcome to join at any point as each class is self contained.

Term 2- ‘ Buddha’s Guide to a Joyful Life’

Buddha taught six practices, known as the six perfections, which enable us to lead a beneficial and joyful life. These six; giving, moral discipline, patient acceptance, joyful effort, and concentration and wisdom can easily be incorporated into our own daily routine. Not only will they help us to deal skillfully with problems with a peaceful and happy mind, they will also empower us to benefit others greatly. Practicing these six perfections gives us the skill to make our job, relationships and enjoyments part of our path to enlightenment.

17th Oct- Having a Good Heart- Generosity

24th Oct- Achieving a Happy Life- Moral Discipline

31st Oct- Maintaining a Happy Mind- Patience

7th Nov- Removing Obstacles to Happiness-Joyful Effort

14th Nov- Concentration and Clarity- Concentration

28th Nov-  Establishing our own Meditation Practice

5th Dec-    Establishing our own Meditation Practice

12th Dec-  Establishing our own Meditation Practice

19th Dec-  Establishing our own Meditation Practice



Classes can be attended on a drop-in basis but you can book online for the whole course and receive a 20% discount.

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