Maitreya Buddhist Centre

‘Building Authentic Self Confidence- a taste of freedom’ 1/2 Day course

  • Apr 21

    Starts: April 21, 2018

Date: 21st April 2018

Venue: Maitreya Buddhist Centre, 13 Sea Road, Bexhill

Time: 10am- 1pm

We all want to make changes in our life. We want to be less insecure, less fearful, less stressed, less depressed. We want to be more happy, courageous, creative and confident.

We wish for more success, more harmony in our relationships, a more fulfilling life. But we find it difficult  to change ourselves,  and  often we feel  stuck in unhealthy and unhappy habits.

In this workshop James will  guide practical meditations on Buddha’s psychology of transformation.

Through applying these timeless methods we will learn to let go of our self-limiting views, and develop  the confidence  to make these life-enhancing changes  and bring about the new versions of ourselves we long for.

In this way, we will come to enjoy the joyful and meaningful life we all long for.

Cost: £15

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