Maitreya Buddhist Centre

The Foundation Programme study courses

Teacher:     Buddhist nun Kelsang Dana
Venue:        Maitreya Kadampa Buddhist Centre,

                   13 Sea Road, Bexhill, TN40 1EE

Time:          10am- 12.30pm

Dates:         ( See bottom of page)
Fees:           £35 per month (incl Free admission to Maitreya KBC events)   

 Foundation Programme   

Our Kadampa Buddhism study programmes give people the opportunity to engage in a more in-depth and structured approach to the practices of meditation and Buddhism.

Through following traditional methods of study we can gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of Buddha’s teachings, develop a powerful meditation practice, and bring about a positive transformation in our mind.

The programmes can be joined at any point and not necessarily at the beginning of a new course.

The Foundation Programme is for those people who wish to build a solid foundation and experience of Buddhist teachings – including karma, life after death, impermanence, loving kindness, compassion and wisdom.

If our mind is peaceful, we will be free from worries and mental discomfort, and so we will experience true happiness”                             -Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

The Study book for Foundation Program Course

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s book ‘Universal Compassion’ includes practical instructions showing how to transform even the most difficult daily life experiences into opportunities for spiritual growth through developing and enhancing minds of universal love and compassion.


#2019 Class Dates  [Sundays]-

From 1 Sept








Maitreya Buddhist Centre

A member of the New Kadampa Tradition - International Kadampa Buddhist Union (IKBU).

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