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Learn more about meditation


Meditation is now part of mainstream society, with people everywhere discovering its life-changing benefits. Learning to meditate is proven to increase our overall levels of well-being, both physically and mentally; and it really helps us to enjoy our relationships and daily activities. Within all of us lies a limitless potential for inner peace and mental freedom, which we can start to access through even the simplest and shortest practice.

Taught by Buddhist nun Kelsang Dana.


JANUARY : Thur 23rd 7 – 8pm

FEBRUARY: Sun 2nd 10-11am

MARCH: Sun 15th 10-11am

APRIL: Sat 18th 9-10am

MAY: Thur 7th 7-8pm

JUNE: Sat 20th 9-10am

JULY: Thur 9th 6-7pm