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CLASSES Online meditation classes only Meditate



Due to the current outbreak, our centre is temporary closed.


We are now providing live streaming classes and courses. Please check our website and our social media platforms regularly for updates or subscribe to our mailing list below.

See you at a class online!


With love, Maitreya Kadampa Centre Team



The new term starts on 24th August!

Why not join us for a wonderful and special teaching from International Buddhist Teacher Kadam Bridget Heyes

on Hope, Happiness & well-being – a Buddhist Approach

CLASSES Online meditation classes only Meditate

About Us

Maitreya Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a special place of peace and refuge dedicated to public benefit. Our classes and courses give modern people the opportunity to develop mental peace through meditation. Everyone welcome.


We teach Buddha’s practical meditation techniques that can help everyone increase their inner peace, happiness and well-being. Whether you want to learn how to meditate or study more in-depth, we offer something for everyone.


Learn tried and tested methods to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase mental clarity and focus. Discover how to solve daily problems and respond to life’s challenges constructively by developing a peaceful, positive outlook.

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If we want to be truly happy and free from suffering, we must learn how to control our mind. The real source of happiness is inner peace. If our mind is peaceful, we will be happy all the time, regardless of external conditions.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

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